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About Us

Regnum is a nuclear technology project developer partnered with multiple private entities, including NuScale Power, the only company in the United States with an NRC licensed small modular reactor technology.  As a developer, Regnum utilizes US technology to work with countries to conceptualize holistic solutions that identify their needs and bring them to bear.

Regnum  provides expertise and strategic planning for the development of large-scale infrastructure projects. We work with national governments to quantify their objectives, provide technological competence and implementation strategies to assist in achieving their goals. Our focus is on the development of nuclear energy projects, and their surrounding support systems.


In addition to its extensive hands-on operational experience, Regnum will rely on the following strengths to secure and deliver planned projects:

  • Cohesive Team with Diverse Experience – The management team is made up of experienced experts with extensive experience in their respective area of knowledge.

  • Strong Partners – Regnum has developed strong relationships with various state governments and has identified strong industry partners willing and able to support the vision.

  • Strong Sourcing Capability – The company has strong pan-regional relationships that will assist in acquiring additional projects and new customers to capitalize on the larger market.

  • Excellent Political Relationships – Regnum has established numerous relationships with political figures throughout the United States, Asia and Africa.

  • Network of Industry Experts – In addition to key members of the management team, Regnum has the ability to source top tier talent from all affiliated industries including technicians, regulators, academics, etc. as needed.

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