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The Team


Saladin Amery


Mr. Saladin Amery is the Chief Executive Officer for Regnum and will be responsible for managing the build out of the corporate structure. Prior to joining Regnum, Saladin has held numerous positions in the financial markets in Europe and Asia. His career
has encompassed trading, structuring, origination and management roles in a diverse arena of markets. He is experienced in both expanding desks that were already in place, and building new successful business lines. His previous positions were: President of Banc of America Securities Japan, and Head of Global Structured Products for Asia; Managing Director at Bank of America Hong Kong, Head of Global Structured Products and Principal Finance for Asia; Managing Director at Peris Capital Singapore, responsible for origination and marketing; Executive Director at UBS Warburg in Japan, responsible for their Structured Credits business in Asia. Prior to joining UBS Warburg, Saladin held trading and structuring positions with PaineWebber and Kidder Peabody in Japan and London.


Matthew Selz


Mr. Matthew Selz is the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. He has played the key role in the development and implementation of Regnum’s multi-year strategic growth plan in concert with political and corporate leaders. They include identification and management of strategic partners, and alignment with Regnum Technologies
Group growth initiatives for broad based energy, waste management, and technology-enabled solutions and services. Recent 2017, 2018 successes include but are not limited to the establishment and cultivation of political and working alliances with the multiple organizations to further the growth and expansion of Regnum Technology Group opportunities.

J. Abrefah.jpg

John Abrefah, Ph.D

Adviser - Asiant & Associates, LLC.

As a Senior Engineer at the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, John’s years of extensive research experiences in nuclear materials performance and behavior are utilized to advance the safety framework for DOE defense nuclear facilities. Above all, his experimental laboratory skills and experience at DOE National Laboratory and academic institution for characterization of irradiated nuclear materials behavior; spent nuclear fuel degradation and engineering materials degradation has been an invaluable knowledge assert that has enabled him to ascertain and discern the hazards associated operational activities at the DOE defense nuclear facilities. John will be acting is the primary point of contact for the other advisors on Regnum’s team.


Douglas M. Minnema, Ph.D., CHP

Adviser - Asiant & Associates, LLC.

Dr. Douglas Minnema has a broad range of technical expertise in the fundamental and complementary tools of safety analysis, criticality safety, radiological engineering, and health physics as well as significant experience in nuclear applications including applied health physics, research reactor operations, critical experiments, environmental radiation measurements, and field testing.  He has demonstrated skills in the assessment of technical documents and programs, the investigation of accidents and abnormal conditions, and general problem solving.  Douglas will be serving as Regnum’s health physicist helping to ensure the radiological safety of its facilities and workforce.

Daniel Bullen.jpg

Daniel B. Bullen, Ph.D., P.E.

Adviser - Asiant & Associates, LLC.

Dr. Daniel Bullen has served as a consultant to the high-level radioactive waste management programs of the United States, Canada, Japan, Sweden, and Finland. He has also served on numerous international peer review panels for high-level radioactive waste container materials selection.  Daniel, being an expert on spent fuel container and storage materials and methodology will ensure the high levels of safety for Regnum’s facilities.


Monique V. Helfrich, Ph.D.

Adviser - Asiant & Associates, LLC.

Dr. Monique Helfrich is an expert in safety and hazards analysis for the nuclear weapons complex and chemical demilitarization facilities which includes: review of emergency preparedness and response capabilities of sites and facilities; review of governance approaches to oversight and self-assessment; support to the development and review of safety bases for nuclear and hazardous facilities and processes; oversight of the startup of process operations; and development and implementation of safety requirements.  Monique will be be assisting with facility testing and startup processes. She will also serve as a policy adviser.

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